Arsenic public meeting in Yk Thursday

The legacy of arsenic contamination in Yellowknife is the topic for a public meeting Thursday at the Explorer Hotel.

The meeting is being hosted by the territorial government, Indigenous and Northern Affairs, known as I-NAC and the Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership, known as CanNorth.

Participants will be discussing the impacts of past industrial activities and the arsenic contamination around the old Giant Mine site.

According to a news release from the GNWT the session will update residents on the work already underway, and collect input on land use activities as well as potential areas of concern in order to refine the next stages of the Human Health Risk Assessment.

CanNorth was contracted by the government of the Northwest Territories and I-NAC to carry out the health risk assessment.

It is to be completed within 2018-2019.

The assessment will look at areas located offsite of Giant Mine but within the vicinity of the former Giant Mine stack, primarily to the west and northwest of the mine site.

237 thousand tonnes of highly toxic arsenic is buried underground at the Giant Mine site.

The meeting begins at 6:30 pm.   

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