Another 40 NWT forest firefighters
head to BC

The first wave of NWT Forest Fire Fighters heading to BC. (Photo Courtesy of ENR)

A total of 133 fires have burned over 178 thousand hectares this fire season in the NWT. So far no more communities are at risk.

NWT Fire Manager Richard Olsen says it’s slightly lower than this time last year.

Olsen says 40 more firefighters left the territory last night to help fight the blazes in neighbouring BC.

“One of the biggest things, depending where they are is the topography is a little bit different. Definitely more hilly and mountainous terrain, the vegetation is different. They’ll be dealing with slope issues and different tree species,” Olsen said regarding the difference in working conditions.

68 personnel were already in the province from a week and a half ago.

Olsen says of the 40 going down this week, they come from across the NWT, with different ranges of experience.

“It’s a great experience to get not only over to a different environment, but also an opportunity to learn from other firefighters they will be working with, and some of the instant command systems that are a lot bigger than the ones they’re working with up here,” added Olsen.

Several trucks will also be traveling down to help near Kamloops where warm weather is still a concern for BC Crews.

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head to BC"

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