150 Acts of Reconciliation:Crystal Fraser

A passion of Crystal's.

On August the 4th of this year, there were 150 days left in 2017. Subsequently, 2017 is also Canada’s 150th birthday.


With those facts, former Inuvik resident and pride of the Gwich’in people, Crystal Fraser wanted to make a statement to Canadians.


And with her colleague Sara Komarnisky, Fraser decided that Canadians should have a better understanding of indigenous and settler relationships through 150 ways.


We came up with 150 ways that everyday Canadians can incorporate reconciliation into their lifestyles


So, the pair did a diligent and thorough job of making their ways of reconciliation.


The 4th of August was of significance for the two researchers. Their work was released on activehistory.ca.


Three examples of the ways are eye opening. For example, support Black Lives Matter.


Learn the land acknowledgement in your region.


The third is as simple, but as important as learn a greeting in a local Indigenous langage.


The work was something that Fraser and her colleague took immense pride and effort to complete.


Fraser is proud of her cultural roots and being born and raised in Inuvik.


She is now completing her Doctorate in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.






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