Bennett urges Scheer to dump Senator Beyak from Caucus

Minister Carolyn Bennett in Parliament on Tuesday.

High ranking federal liberals, including Crown Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett are calling on Oppositions leader Andrew Scheer to dump Senator Lynn Beyak from the Conservative caucus.

“The senators ongoing offensive comments regarding indigenous people are offensive, hurtful and simply wrong. These disturbing views stated by a sitting parliamentarian undermines progress towards reconciliation. Her removal from the Senate’s Aboriginal Committee was the right thing to do. If the Consevative leadership wants to demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation they should remove the senator from their caucus,’ said Bennett in Parliament on Tuesday.

In a letter posted last week on her website, Beyak urged Indigenous Canadians to accept a one-time payment for outstanding treaty and land claims and end the “guilt and blame.”

It’s the second time the Ontario senator has stirred controversy with Indigenous Canadians, after saying there were numbers of positives from the Residential School system this past Spring.

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