New Liidlii Kue government building shovel ready next year

Drawing of new Liidlii Kue community government building - Courtesy of Nogha Enterprises.

The votes have been tallied and the blueprints are out.

Nogha Enterprise General Manager Ria Letcher says it’s an exciting time for Liidliie Kue members and the Village of Fort Simpson, after last week’s plebiscite vote for a 20 year loan to build a new community government building.

“We have a big chunk of land in the heart of the community to that has been vacant for a number of years and it’s a very exciting prospect to know that we will have a big beautiful office complex to bring various levels of government together,” explained Letcher.

Former mayor and Fort Simpson councillor Sean Whelly says council is sure they can keep taxes down, while moving ahead with this project.

“It’s really building on the future of Fort Simpson, it enables Fort Simpson to lobby for more government departments to come here certainly a chance to solidify our government processes here once lands claims is settled will have one community government in one building, I think it’s something the community really wants to see,” Whelly told CKLB last week.

Floor plans

Chief Gerry Antoine says it’s an important step, and a concrete example of the First Nation being part of moving the community forward.

“We certainly would like to look at how we can energize our community for future growth and development and tourism and resource and government service sector, so this is kind of a way for bringing things together,” added Antoine.

A breakdown of the community vote showed 231 voters said yes to the new building with only 43 voting No. The building will be the new office for the Liidlii Kue First Nation, Village, and Parks Canada.

Construction isn’t expected to start until next year.

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