Human Rights and Privacy Damaged at Misery Mine Site

The way to Misery

A camera that was found planted in a women’s washroom at the Ekati diamond mine suddenly went missing shortly after it was found, according to an employee at the mine.

On Tuesday, police revealed they are investigating, after an employee at the remote mine, located 300 km northeast of Yellowknife, discovered the camera at the Misery site last week.

The employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being dismissed , said women working at the site were distraught  when the camera was discovered by a contract employee on July 27.

She said a group of them brought it to a supervisor’s office and locked it inside.

The woman said there is no security at the Misery site and they wanted to secure the camera while security officers from the main camp got to the site. The Misery site is  just 28 kilometres from the main camp.

But when security arrived, the camera was missing the woman indicated.Women working at the site can get counseling through the employer , the Dominion Diamond Mine.

The two sides could not be reached for comment.

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