Gwich’in youth urged to continue studies to become leaders of tomorrow

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Saturday marked the 25th Anniversary of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Landclaim.

GTC Vice President Jordan Peterson says it was good to pay tribute to the leaders who are still alive from 1992 and the memory of Chiefs who signed Treaty 11.

“It was a long process to negotiate a land claim and, they didn’t get paid a whole lot back then. It was more about doing for our people than anything,” explained Peterson.

He says seeing youth complete school and university is the major area focus right now. And that education is key to take over the higher positions in the communities and government.

“We also have an internship with the Government of Canada and the GNWT, two projects to tackle that capacity issue we have,” added Peterson.

Self-Government is also part of that ongoing discussion, and a goal for the future. The four days of celebrations wrapped up in Inuvik on Sunday.


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