A new generation wins 2017 Canadian Championship Dog Derby

2017 Champion Jaden Beck with Chantal Lavoie, COO for Dominion Diamond. Photo Credit - Josh Campbell

The fifth generation of the Beck family captured the 62nd Dominion Diamond Canadian Championship Dog Derby on Sunday.

While Quebec’s Annie Malo passed the finish line ahead of Jaden Beck, his 7 minute lead he built over the three days delivered the win.

“All I could think about was keep it close, and as long as I could see her I knew I was alright, and as I came around the last corner by Ndilo I could see Annie, so I knew I was alright” explained Jaden.

Quebec Musher Annie Malo, on Day 3 of the race. Photo Credit – Josh Campbell

10 time winner Richard Beck, was bumped to third place by a mere 30 seconds. Richard says he’s proud of his nephew Jaden, and his new strategy.

“You know he went out pretty strong the first day, and I thought well Jaden that’s a little too fast, you’re gonna play out, but he was smart enough to recover he had a little tough day on Saturday, but today he hang on there and let them coast. He did a beautiful job, and I am really proud of Jaden,” Richard told George Tuccaro and Patti Kay Hamilton.

Patti Kay Hamilton and George Tuccaro speak with Richard Beck after the 2017 race. Photo Credit – Josh Campbell

Sadie Lizotte was named rookie of the year for the 10 dog race. The race continues to grow from it’s trapping roots to an international field of mushers from the US, Quebec, Nunavut and Japan.

Mushers and officials credited faster times this year to the trail being slightly shorter this year at 41.3  miles due to a large snowfall and some overflows ahead before the three day race.

For all results and videos from the 2 dog, 4 dog, 6 dog, and 10 dog races visit our CKLB Facebook page.

At the mushers banquet Dominion Diamond Chief Operating Officer Chantal Lavoie pledged to continue to be the races title sponsor for the foreseeable future.

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