Over 40 teams registered for 12th Annual Men’s Handgame Tournament

Screenshot from 2016 Ediwa Weyallon Men's Handgame Tournament in Behchoko. (CKLB image)

Organizers in Behchoko are expecting one of the biggest turnouts for the 12th Annual 100 thousand dollar Ediwa Weyallon Men’s Handgame Tournament this weekend.

Handgame committee member Joe Beaverho explains why the Cultural Centre is once again the main venue.

“A building with a high ceiling it echos too much, even if you drum it doesn’t have the same beat as a lower ceiling,” said Beaverho.

Teams from the Sahtu, Dehcho, Akaitcho, and Northern Alberta are expected to drum, chant, and call their way to the 30,000 thousand first place finish.

“So far we have 40 teams registered, we expect more to come in, but the deadline is 9pm on Thursday,” added Beaverho.

The team cap right now is set at 60 teams.

Security volunteers were signed up Tuesday. The committee is still looking for billets, and cooks for the weekend.

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