MMIW Inquiry slated to start this spring

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The National Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womens Inquiry commissioners say progress takes time.

All five commissioners of the inquiry gave an update at yesterdays press conference in Ottawa.

Susan Vella is the lead commission counsel for the inquiry.

“In approaching indigenous families who have lost loved ones and women and girls who have suffered and continue to suffer violence, when we enter an indigenous community we will not be mimicking the usual court like proceedings. This national inquiry is commited to no further harm we will make our best effort to do that.”

Vella also made it clear that missing and murdered indigenous men and boys are not the focus of this inquiry.

“Our specific mandate is to inquire into the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. So that will be the focus of our inquiry. What we are saying is that we will likely bne hearing from men and boys in that context as well. We won’t be conducting a forensic review of those cases.”

Chief Commissioner Marion Buller acknowledged the impatience many have with the inquiry.

“I understand the frustration. I hear it. You may hear it in our voices from time to time. But we also know that we have to do the job properly and that takes time. To do anything less than have the proper infrastructure and proper planning in place in my view would be bordering on negligence.”

Buller says that the inquiry is expected to begin in the spring but she was not able to provide a specific date.

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